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Yoga Trial Session

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Are you considering taking up Yoga but are not sure if it is for you and would like to find out more before making a commitment? Or are you unsure about learning how to practice Yoga online and want to get an idea of how it feels to participate in an online yoga class? Do you worry if this teaching style matches your personality? Then join us for one of our free trial sessions offered once a month at no cost to you.
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Yoga class for beginners

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Learn the fundamentals of HathaYoga: Poses (Asanas), relaxation techniques and breathing exercises that will help you find your inner peace, restore energy and replenish mind and body. Improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. At the beginning of each Yoga class you will receive a brief introduction to Yoga & health. After the course you may add an additional extension course, available upon request. Price: 115 Euros for 8 sessions (max. of 20 people, English)

Yoga Class for advanced

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 A class for everyone who has already attended several yoga courses and is committed to deepen their yoga practice.
 This class will help you expand your yoga knowledge. You will practice advanced Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation techniques and will receive an in-depth insight into Yoga scriptures that will not only inspire, but also enrich your life.

Price: 115 Euros for 8 sessions (max. of 20 people, English)

Online - yoga

MOnthly Changing Yogaworkshop

Conscious breathing is a source of energy and joy and therefore an important key to vibrancy, clarity and vitality. In this workshop we will explore our breathing patterns, dive deeper into the secrets of conscious breathing and unlock a source of energy and harmonization by practicing everyday breathing exercises of Yoga (Pranayama). This workshop is suitable for Yoga newbies without any prior knowledge as well as beginners of Yoga with limited experience!

Specialized Yoga Course: Chakras

In this specialized course you will get to know the psychological and physiological qualities of Chakras so that you will learn to feel them. This interactive session features a variety of practical exercises and offers the opportunity to get to know yourself on a whole other different level. This class is guaranteed to advance your personal development by a tremendous amount.
 Every session we work on a different Chakra and allow ourselves to experience and receive it.

Price: 115 Euros for 8 sessions (max. of 20 people, German)


Meditation Beginners Class

Are you all too familiar with this scenario? Thoughts are racing through your head and you are simply unable to unplug.
 Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you get off the merry-go-round of obsessive thoughts. Achieve mindfulness and connect to a regenerative source of new strength that lays beyond the world of thoughts. The repeatedly scientifically proven effects of Meditation are truly phenomenal. You are holding the key to real happiness, harmony and serenity in your hand. Learning how to practice Meditation means actually using this key.

Meditation Advanced Class

This Meditation course is an extension class. It builds up on the basics of Meditation and helps participants expand their Meditation knowledge and practice. The class focuses heavily on participant questions that may have arisen while practicing Meditation.
 Experienced meditators can benefit from frequently revisiting this class by utilizing the positive energy of the group and addressing any new questions they may have regarding practicing Meditation. 

Online - Ayurveda

Vata, Pitta, Kapha – Which Dosha type are you?

In Ayurveda a person’s constitution is based on the elements. They determine what factors are beneficial to someone’s health and what factors aren’t. Do you know your Dosha type? 
 You can find out in this two-part workshop. Also, learn how to balance a life in harmony with your constitution / Dosha type.

Ayurvedic Diet Basics    For Beginners

The Ayurvedic diet means that the food we eat must be in harmony with nature’s cycles. In this four-part course, you will learn the fundamentals of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to apply them in everyday life. The class helps you to improve your own health and balances it with your constitution type.

Ayurvedic Herbs for     Inner Balance 

Ayurvedic herbs have great healing properties that have the ability to strengthen the psychological and physical well-being. In this two-part workshop, learn about the healing power of Ayurvedic herbs and find out how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life and how to benefit from the effects.

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